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What to DO

What to DO?

There are good situations, there are bad ones. And then there are those situations where you wish you could get away.

Whatever those situations may be, one thing is for sure- that you can’t get away from the Tata DOCOMO network. Because this network connects always. Everywhere.

Tata DOCOMO in association with 48 Hour Film Project - Delhi, brings to you an opportunity you can’t get away from.

Here's what we want you to do.

Think of situations where the DOCOMO phone rings at the most inopportune or opportune time. So, these could be situations where you were glad that Tata DOCOMO’s network came to your rescue, or situations where you didn’t want any interruptions!

For example it could be a situation where you friend wants to use your phone to make a call but you lie to him saying you don’t own a phone. And just as he’s going away the phone in your trouser pocket rings embarrassing you. OR you are in a situation where your boss is screaming and frothing at you and the phone rings and you wake up to realize it was just a bad dream.

But hey, whatever you think keep it insightful and witty. Most importantly - be original.

And if you still have doubts, visit our DO Inputs section where you can watch our TVCs to get inspired!


Here is some inspiration for you to start creating!

DO Inputs

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Tata DOCOMO Logos Formats
Logos .eps

Ringtones Play Download
Tata DOCOMO Concert 20s
Tata DOCOMO Inspire 20s
Tata DOCOMO Mischief 20s
Tata DOCOMO Soft 20s
Raga DOCOMO 60s

Keep in mind they are for reference only – copycats are a strict no no.

Our Legal team has spent a lot of time and hardwork putting these T&Cs in place - we respect the DOers in them – therefore we advise you to go through these T&Cs before submitting your entry. Click here to read the T&Cs.

How to DO?

Now that you are ready, click here to submit your entry or entries (that’s right, one person can submit more than one entries). Please ensure that your entry conform to the following guidelines:

  • Acceptable formats - MPEG, WMV, AVI, ASF, VOB
  • Time duration: Max upto 60 seconds

What do the DOers get?

While all participants will get our salute for upholding the DO philosophy. A few outstanding ones (max of 10) will win the latest Sony Ericsson Arc mobile phone.

One grand winner amongst the shortlisted candidates, will get a chance to create the next TVC for Tata DOCOMO. He/she will be part of the pre-production meet and will get to learn from some of the best advertising brains in the country! Needless to say, the selected film will be aired on Television.

We know you’re eager to start up but before you do please go through the Terms & Conditions and Rules for Participation. If you are ready, step up and showcase the your talent to us and to the world! Submit your DO

Note : Contest closed. Thank you for participating. We will announce the winner shortly.


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